Achieve Your Goals

Discover 5 simple steps to set your goals the inspired way, so you achieve them faster while enjoying the process.

Do you want to be more productive in the 2nd quarter?
Do you want to stay focused and motivated with your life & business dreams?
Do you have a vision and need support, strategies, and training to achieve your big dreams?
Did you know goal-setting the easy way can be a fun experience that makes achieving your intentions easier?

Introducing the Achieve Your Goals Course - With 5 Simple Steps.

After taking the course and the strategy sessions, here's what Nadja had to say. 

If you struggle with overwhelm, procrastination and feeling stuck, this course will help you get and stay in motion.
You'll learn simple proven goal-setting strategies that boost your productivity; helping you get things done faster.

After Taking This Course and You'll Know:

  • The CORRECT way to define your goals
  • Why a VISION and your WHY are determining factors
  • The Kaizen + MSM method for effective time and project management
  • Pomodoro's +  a 3-word question that beats procrastination EVERY single time
  • How to identifying and eliminate limiting beliefs + sneaky SELF-SABOTAGING habits
  • One little known powerful (SCIENTIFICALLY-BACKED) secret about goal-achievers
  • A simple tip to acquire new habits + integrate success routines that support your goals long-term
  • How to FOCUS and stay motivated + gritty, especially when you encounter obstacles and setbacks.

Each module has 3 short videos, PDF worksheet, and an assessment quiz.
The modules are dripped weekly to help you implement the simple strategies with actionable steps.
Unlocking 1 module per week stops information overload and avoids overwhelm so that you achieve your goals with ease.

Begin implementing this simple and practical training and start seeing the results you desire.
Your one-time investment comes with:
  1. LIFETIME ACCESS to this course material
  2. BONUS #1- Goals-Setting Printable Planner Sheets  - (Value $17)
  3. BONUS #3- A 30-Minute BREAKTHROUGH Virtual Coaching Session *Applicable AFTER the 30-Days.*- (Value- $ 97)

So are you ready to start setting achievable goals the inspired way, AND enjoy the journey?

If you want to begin seeing the results you want in your life and business, register today and let´s get started. 

Sign up today and give your dreams deadlines with achievable G.O.A.L.S.

Intended Audience: Creative Solo-Preneurs, Professionals, Team Builders, Coaches, Business Owners, Trainers, 9-5 Transitioners

Quick-Start Preview
Video 1 - Clarify Your Vision
Video 2 - Get Inspired By Your WHY
Video 3 - The Power of Writing it Down
Action Steps
Video 1 - Brain Dump Your Road Map.
Video 2 - MSM Time Managment to Avoid Overwhelm
Video 3 - Schedule and Commit
Action Steps
Are You Productive or Just Busy?
Solve The Frog Equation
How to Beat Procrastination With a Simple Question
Action Steps
Elevate Your Skill-Set
Invest in Yourself
The Easy Way to Establish New Habits
Action Steps
Release Self-Sabotaging Behaviour
Dealing With Negativity & Naysayers
F.O.C.U.S Despite Setbacks & Obstacles
Action Steps

What's included

  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 5 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Nancy Gathecha